Aulivia Opéra, charm and retro decor in this 4-star Paris hotel

For a successful stay in Paris, you need to get away from the same old establishments and be bold enough to try something new. This is the experience of the Aulivia Opéra, a 4-star Paris hotel in the 10th arrondissement, which plays the vintage card to set itself apart.

So modern and so retro, a successful duality in this 4-star Paris hotel

There's no other 4-star hotel in the 10th arrondissement like it. The Aulivia Opéra hotel is immediately noticeable for the atmosphere created by the owners, halfway between retro and vintage. The common rooms are decorated with antique furniture and advertisements from decades ago. This 4-star Paris hotel stands out not only for its style. Its family atmosphere, calm surroundings and location between Place de la République and Boulevard Haussmann make it an ideal place to spend a weekend in Paris, or a few days on business. What's more, with such a well thought-out location, you can reach the whole capital in just a few minutes by metro.

Aulivia Opéra, a 4-star hotel in central Paris, a cosy cocoon

We come to hôtel Aulivia Opéra for its setting, its location close to rue du Faubourg St Martin, but above all for its comfort, that of a 4-star Paris hotel. Between 10 and 15 m2, the solo and duo rooms welcome you in particularly comfortable surroundings. We could mention the beautiful bathroom, with shower or bathtub depending on the layout, as well as the comfortable bedding. But perhaps we'll appreciate even more the soundproofing, so precious in Paris, the air-conditioning, the flat-screen TV and the free wifi. Combined with the workspace in each room, it's the ideal place to stay connected to loved ones or work. The 4-star status of this luxury hotel in the center of Paris is also justified by the services it offers. In-room or buffet breakfast in an inspiring setting is one of the hotel's assets, and the best way to start the day. The concierge service will also have a major impact on your stay, with the possibility of letting the hotel manage your reservations for tables, theaters and other shows. All you have to do is enjoy your 4-star Paris hotel and your stay at the pace of Parisian life.

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