Aulivia Opéra, a charming hotel in central Paris

How many hotels claim to be charming without actually being so? How many hotels in Paris leave no impression on you after your stay? The Aulivia Opéra, close to Paris's northern train stations, is a true Paris Centre boutique hotel.


The beating heart of Paris, the Aulivia Opéra at its center

What better way to stay in Paris than in a conveniently located establishment? It's the promise of getting around quickly, of being within easy reach of the capital's major monuments and its best addresses. With a hotel close to Boulevard Haussmann, the location is ideal. With Notre-Dame just 7 minutes away and the Louvre at the same distance, you'll know right away that you're in the right place at this charming Paris center hotel. Whether you're coming for a romantic weekend away, or taking advantage of the family rooms to bring the kids to the Aulivia Opéra, everyone will find a reason to love the capital close to this charming Paris hotel.


Hôtel charme Paris, the vintage touch so typical of the Aulivia Opéra

It's not enough to say you're a charming Paris hotel, you have to prove it. And you'll be won over as soon as you step into the hotel lobby. You'll know right away that the retro style You'll have fun following the Parisian-style female character on the walls. You'll love the slightly dated decorations that make the Aulivia Opéra so unique. It's because it's unique, because it's just like itself, that you'll love it. But being a boutique hotel in Paris's 10th arrondissement doesn't mean forgetting the more contemporary comforts of wi-fi, air conditioning, top-of-the-range bedding or that vast bathroom. You'll also love the breakfast service, in a room as cheerful as the rest of the hotel. Last but not least, the concierge service will help you organize your stay, with bookings for everything you need to do in Paris as a couple or a family. From theOpéra to the Grands Magasins, from the banks of the Seine to the theaters of northern Paris, everything is within easy reach.

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